artist info

I like doing. I like most painterly mediums; acrylics, aerosols, oils. I also like black pens, soft sculpture and craft based sculpture.
Working with my friends is the best, keeping things project based is ideal as I like to continue to develop and like to move on when I have given what I feel to be the neccessary energy.
I do aerosol stuff, like graff stuff and also illustration but prefer not to be labelled by my mediums.

Interests include iconography, hiphop and other indirect forms of artistic narrative, cartoons, graffiti, men, hard women, good cooks, degenerates, entrepeneurs, seekers, prophets and vessels, flannel t-shirts, t-shirts, lingerie, ho-hoops, rosaries, wife beaters, chucks, jordans, gazelles, stan smiths, satchels, black, stripes, nerd glasses, braids, bra straps, cigarettes, longnecks, boots, braces, crooked teeth, broken english...

Creatives I admire would be Charles Bukowski, Leonard Cohen, Wutang, R Crumb, Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr, Bosch, Tiffany Bozic, Miranda July, Marty Emond, Ezra Jack Keates and Frida Kahlo ( it would be easy to keep going but I digress). Most people I have met but most importantly my buddy old pals.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wordpress website!!!

OK OK so I have been overly slack but it's because I have been overly busy.
Also I am trying to build a wordpress site which I am figuring out while I go. You can see the progress here, ANY feedback is good feedback...

Monday, January 18, 2010


This is the new studio space I will be working in this year with a few others. We have set up a not for profit comapny to lease the space under the company name 'Method and Manners'. I am buying potplants this week for my office/studio which is the three windows on the top right. Woop woop. Am setting up a wordpress site which will replace this blog soon maybe. Maybe not. I like this blog, but yes i will put a link up for it soon :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

On location for the music video 'Of Everyone Around You' by James Duncan...

Last weekend was my directors debut shooting a music video for NZ musician James Duncan. A longtime band member of SJD and Dimmer he released his solo album a month or so ago titled 'Hello-Fi' to much acclaim and press coverage blabla. Anyway his friends are making different videos for all the tracks and I volunteered to give it a go. We are editing it atm and should have it done end of next week? I storyboarded it first to ease the shoot and the editing.
Here are some stills from the shoot.
NOTE: The crappy glasses are not script but help me feel bossy.

Big ups to the crew and cast.
Here is a video made by film artist Sean Grattan who has recently left AKL for Cal arts. The track is 'My New Flumes' and features local artist Bacholorette, it is made almost entirley from stock footage and works quite well...Sean cameos in there pulling up some wierd caveman squat...

A nice code production for SJD

Another video this ones from Joe 'Fish' Jowitt

Monday, August 10, 2009


Have been caught up.
Sux to me.
Big post coming soon if anyone cares.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Auckland times

This is me at the Plaything gallery/THE NEW ORDER HQ with head honchos Adam Bryce of Slamxhype and Ben King of The Wire. Photo courtesy of Joe Allen-Shea of Monster Children gallery and Izrock pressings who came over for a whirlwind visit. You can see more of his trip here...
I have a few of my own photos and videos too to upload. So stay tuned!

An A0 drawing from my recent exhibition at Plaything gallery. there are A2 sized prints available signed limited edition of fifty from the gallery. Email me for details if you are to see the full image.